I have been giving talks to Northern Counties regional camera clubs and other local community groups for over ten years. The talks are largely digital image presentations, but often accompanied by a prints display. With the current use of the zoom digital image platform, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have now been presenting to photographic clubs throughout the UK and Ireland - over 200 and counting! As a PAGB-listed lecturer I do not charge a lecture fee to PAGB-affiliated clubs, but I do ask for a small expenses contribution towards the upkeep of computer hardware/software for zoom talks (currently £20). For other groups my lecture fee is £60 (or €60) in addition to expenses for either travel or zoom upkeep.

My presentations include:

My Restless Lens covers the broad range of my photography: wildlife, figurative, abstract, and impressionist landscape;
Is It Art ... a look at photography as an art form, including my journey into creative photography and the techniques I use, particularly intentional camera movement (ICM) and multiple exposures;
Painting With Light covers my approaches to creative photography through in-camera techniques of intentional camera movement and multiple exposures. This is touched upon as part of my But Is It Art talk, but here the practical in-camera techniques are explained in greater depth;
Chasing Georgia O'Keeffe-My Journey Into Abstractionism. Following on from the 'Is It Art' talk, this talk follows a recent trip to New Mexico seeking inspiration from the landscape that influenced the abstract modernist painter Georgia O'Keeffe. Examples of my multiple exposure images are related to the paintings of O'Keeffe and this talk is equally as relevant to art groups as photographic societies;
New York Boogie Woogie exploring cityscapes through in-camera multiple exposure - NYC abstracted as you've never seen it before;
Pole to Pole features landscape and wildlife photography during unique expeditions to the arctic and antarctic, with the mystery of Franklin's ill-fated arctic voyage uncovered;
Following Shackleton to the Frozen South features landscape and wildlife photography during an expedition to South Georgia and Antarctica, following Shackleton's renowned journey;
Arctic Norway combines the beauty of the winter landscapes of the Norwegian Lofoten Islands with the wildlife of the Norwegian Svalbard islands;
Islands of the Arctic a varied talk which includes the unique landscapes of Iceland and the arctic wildlife of the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago;
Out Of Africa features safari wildlife in the bush and on the Chobe river in South Africa and Botswana;

Leave a message on the Contact page if you are interested in booking any of these.

Here are some recent reviews of my talks:

My Restless Lens

Thank you for your excellent talk to our Dundee PS members last night. While I knew from your website that you had been taking photographs for over 50 years and had travelled extensively both with your work and photography, nothing could have prepared me for the quality of your presentation and images. You literally blew us all away with your beautifully crafted and sympathetic work delivered in a most unassuming way. Your years of experience certainly shone through. I enjoyed seeing and hearing about all your work but particularly liked the double exposures of the Santa Fe building blocks and Luskentyre hills and beaches, the photos of the endangered species and not forgetting your award winning shot of the polar bear desperately looking for food. Thanks again for showing us so many subjects and styles of photography. (Dundee Photographic Society, 4th March 2024I)

Last week was a great talk by Keith Snell called "My Restless lens". Keith had a fluent, easy presentational style which was complemented by the excellent photography and variety. Keith showed us a superb collection of diverse images and carefully explained how each one was taken and the compositional opportunities he had exploited to very good effect. I am sure all those who were able to attend the talk were enriched by his enthusiasm and professional approach which will help us all along our photography development. (H2 Photographic Society, 14th December 2023)

Just wanted to say a sincere thank you to you for your talk this evening. You presented a wonderful variety of work with something to interest most people. The hints and tips along the way were really useful and certainly helped to understand why certain images worked as well as they did. (Ilkley Camera Club, 27th August 2022)

It was a great pleasure to have you presenting My Restless Lens; your online talk via Zoom made a wonderful evening for our members. Throughout the presentation your excellent commentary complemented your superb photography. Your variety of subject matter, enthusiasm and passion to achieve the best possible image certainly came across to our members. (Belfast City Photographic Society, 16th February 2022)

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, well-paced, with a range of superb images and hints and advice dotted throughout. (Manningtree Photography Society, 13th January 2022)

A big thank you for your presentation last night. It was really interesting and we all enjoyed it very much. It has given us inspiration to try out some new ideas with our photography. (Dwyfor Camera Club, 7th December 2021)

The club really appreciated your talk and fluent, easy presentation, complemented by the excellent photography and variety. I'm sure that each of us took away something inspirational from the evening. (Nantwich Camera Club, 14th September 2021)

Thank you on behalf of the Club for your most informative, engaging and enjoyable talk tonight. Not only did you have a superb collection of diverse images but your narrative was most insightful in explaining how the images were taken and the compositional opportunities you exploited to very good effect. I am sure those who were able to attend the talk were enriched by your enthusiasm and professional approach which will help us all along our photography development journey. (Wooton Bassett Camera Club, 21st September 2021)

A very big thank you for your informative presentation and the beautiful images that you presented to our club last night. It was beautiful, emotive photography. The ICM was very informative and I will be taking away some of your tips as it is a favourite [technique] of mine. Once again, a relaxed wonderful presentation. (Exmouth Photo Group, 8th September 2021)

We all so enjoyed your presentation "My restless lens" which you gave last evening. To see such spectacular images of great quality, the wide range of subject matter and your appraisal of each one was a real treat. After seeing and hearing your experience with ICM many of us are inspired to go out straight away and experiment. Thank you for sharing your insight and for the enthralling show. (Beaumaris & Menai Bridge Camera Club, 26th March 2021)

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation this evening. Everyone was enthralled by your images made all the more interesting by your detailed explanations and useful information. (Gynfa Camera Club, 10th September 2020)

Thank you so much for last night's talk. Our What's App group was positively bursting with praise as your talk progressed. (Carshalton Camera Club, 17th August 2020)

Many thanks for your excellent presentation last evening. Not only did you show us some super images but I and many of the members really enjoyed the background commentary. Indeed a few of us have been inspired to try out some of the techniques highlighted by you, not to the same standard I have to say. (Stewartry Camera Club, 16th September 2020)

Thank you so much for a super evening. We loved your pictures, we enjoyed
your commentary and we appreciated and were stimulated by your views on
composition and the taking of your images. (Whitley Bay Photographic Society, 13th October 2020)

Thank you again for a wonderful evening last week. Everyone enjoyed the images and the commentary you provided. Looking at your other lectures, I very much hope that we will see you again. (York Camera Club, 22nd October 2020)

Thank you so much for last night, a truly inspiring trip around the world and with so many different genres. I have had many comments and emails about how much everybody enjoyed it. (Tetbury Camera Club, 27th Octoer 2020)

This informative, widespread and thought provoking presentation has, undoubtedly provided multiple possibilities for our members to try in the future and the painstaking precision with which Keith composes his work must be a salutary lesson to us all. An evening that surely will remain long in the memory of those of us who had the pleasure see it. (Sodbury & Yate Photographic Club, 23rd November 2020)

You gave us a very rounded tour of different photographic genres covering your various interests. You clearly have a very artistic and creative eye which comes over in all aspects of your photography. I was also pleased that you gave lots of technical hints and tips along the way, which is always appreciated by our Intermediate workers who gain so much from presentations of this type. (Saltburn Photographic Society, 2nd December 2020)

Many thanks for the talk last night, it was fascinating and my inbox is full of compliments and how members of the Group enjoyed it. There was such a diverse range of subjects, something for everyone. (Silsden Photographic Group, 16th December 2020)

Is It Art

Thank you so much for your superb lecture 'Is it Art ..?' last night. It was so well illustrated with lots of very helpful suggestions along the way. We particularly enjoyed the comparisons with modern artists and how similar styles can be achieved through photography. After your presentation we had a long discussion about many of the points you raised and I can see that several of us will be 'having a go' at various techniques at our photoshoot at a country park tomorrow. We would love to invite you back for another Zoom presentation next season. (Baglan Bay Photographic Society, 23rd April 2024).

Thank you again for last night’s wonderful presentation I don’t think it came across to you at the end how much everyone enjoyed it. There were lots of positive comments from everyone and one person even said it was the best presentation he had seen for a long time! I personally loved your ICM and multiple exposure images. Thank you again for sharing your “artography “ with us. (Blackburn Camera Club, 15th April 2024)

I am writing on behalf of Hertford Camera Club to thank you for a most enjoyable and informative presentation last evening. It is a great pleasure to see such a well-researched presentation with so many examples of your own work and of others to illustrate the techniques that you outlined. I am confident that a good number of our members will be delving into the controls of their cameras to see what effects that they can achieve. Thank you for inspiring us to try some new techniques. (Hertford & District Camera Club, 5th April 2024)

Thanks for your superb talk to RTPS on Thursday. It was a real masterclass in abstract, multiple exposures and ICM. I know from the comments at the end of the evening that members really enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed the way you juxtaposed your images with images from leading artists and other photographers. I also really liked your use of colour on your multiple exposures. And, of course, your images were gorgeous. (Richmond & Twickenham Photographic Society, 19th October 2023)

I must congratulate you on an exceptionally well-constructed talk. The images were fascinating and the commentary illuminating. Thank you for such an informative and enjoyable evening. (Durham Photographic Society, 28th September 2023)

Dr Keith Snell gave us a fascinating talk on his photography, challenging many norms, using high key, multiple exposure and intentional camera movement to achieve some wonderful results. It was also extremely interesting to see the comparisons with the work of well-known painters. (Guildford Photographic Society, 22nd May 2023)

Wow, that was a great talk last night at our camera club. On speaking to people afterwards, everyone had thoroughly enjoyed it. Some inspirational photographs and your passion and patience came through. I know many of our members are going to try some of your techniques - including me. The icing on the cake was being able to see some of the images in print. To me they convey so much more feeling. I know we all hope to see you again. (Washington Camera Club, 24th February 2023)

Thank you very much for a very interesting evening. In our discussions after your talk, we all said we got a lot of inspiration from your images and can't wait to try some of the ideas you mentioned. (Ivybridge Camera Club, 17th January 2023)

Many thanks for your interesting and inspirational talk last night - I think that a few of us had dabbled in some of the techniques mentioned but without the creative vision required to make something special. You have inspired and encouraged us to consider creativity first and technique only as a means to achieve our goal. (Brechin Photographic Society, 15th February 2022)

Thank you so much for your inspirational talk last night. I was fascinated by the historical and painting comparisons as well as all the different aspects you explored of ‘creative’ photography, I can see how it sets you on a journey experimenting and exploring different ways of portraying metaphors, feelings and moods. (Eden Valley Camera Club, 11th April 2022)

Thank-you for the presentation you made to our members in Frodsham; I have heard nothing but praise from the members and committee. I think your presentation "touched a nerve" with our members who are generally disillusioned with how judges run the competitions. I thought the easy-going style and honest down-to-earth delivery went down really well with our guys and I think you really engaged the membership. (Frodsham & District Photographic Society, 8th November 2021)

A very big thank you for your inspiring talk last night. We have a Whatsapp group running during lectures and the response was enthusiastic, full of praise and not a few WOW moments. (Carshalton Camera Club, 17th May 2021)

A truly big thank you for last night's lovely evening, with both engaging images and commentary.. The club members were very engaged with what you had to say and quite obviously want to get out there and have a go. I liked the way 'But is it Art' pushes the boundaries of a photographic image in the same way the artists you mentioned pushed the boundary of a brush stroke. What could a speaker want more than to leave a club inspired to pick up their cameras and get out there looking for images. (Kempsey Camera Club, 7th April 2021)

Thank you so much for the brilliant talk. You've obviously honed it to a high standard and you set the images you had made in the context of other photographers and artists to show how far you can go with a camera to prove that yes, it is art. What was a real teaching bonus was your detailed analysis of how you moved the camera in different ways and with different shutter speeds to produce the effects you wanted - that was a eureka revelation. (Lewes Camera Club, 8th March 2021)

Many thanks for an excellent presentation last night. Good feedback from members and you’ve certainly inspired some of us to try some of your techniques. (Knutsford Photographic Society, 15th Sepatember 2020)

This was an entertaining, inspirational and informative evening illustrated by a selection of Keith’s sublime images that would not have looked out of place in any art gallery. (Keswick Photographic Society, 23rd September 2020)

On behalf of the club can I thank you for this evenings talk. Your interpretation and understanding of the subject was clearly evident and has planted many ideas for us to investigate. (Aberdare Camera Club, 5th October 2020)

On behalf of our members I would like to extend a huge thank you Keith for an excellent presentation tonight. Your fantastic images and informative commentary was appreciated by all. Thank you also for the unselfish manner in which you imparted your knowledge. (Kilkenny Photographic Society, 14th January 2021)

Very many thanks for your Zoom talk last evening. Very interesting [and] you have certainly given us all things to think about. I really liked your views on creative photography - how images can be Graphic / Abstract / Metaphor / Impressionistic etc. I will certainly try Multi-Exposure in my camera and I will try ICM as per your super examples. (Ellesmere Port Camera Club, 1st February 2021)

Islands of The Arctic

Thank you for an amazing talk. There were many fantastic images that you shared tonight (especially the Polar Bear family set) but the images that stood out for me were the fulmar against the backdrop of the waterfall and the grasses in the snow and telegraph poles also in the snow. (Crewe Photographic Society, 1st October 2020)

A great evening; many thanks again from Hay Camera Club. I particularly enjoyed
your 'background information' about the area and the subjects you were
photographing. (Hay Camera Club, 16th March 2021)

Following Shackleton to the Frozen South

Many thanks for an excellent presentation last night; lots of great comments last night and in emails this morning. We can see from your website that you have quite a few talks so hopefully we will be in touch again. (Garstang CC, 20th March 2024)

Pole to Pole

Keith provided us with a fascinating evening. In the first half, he discussed his experiences of a recent trip to the Antarctic, sharing with us some stunning images. In the second part, he discussed in more detail how his own journey to the Arctic had followed the path of the fabled voyages to find the elusive ‘North West Passage’. Once again, this engaging commentary included so many of Keith’s wonderful images. Keith’s delivery is relaxed, yet full of warmth and rich in detail. We all enjoyed a brilliant evening, in which we learnt so much about these remote and beautiful landscapes, whilst being treated to some captivating images. (York Camera Club, 12th January 2023)

Thank you once again for a most enjoyable evening traveling from pole to pole. Your presentation was so well put together, had lots of interesting information, and also had lots of fantastic wildlife and landscape images. We hope we can invite you back again in the future. (Maidstone Camera Club, 8th March 2022)

Thank you so much for a very interesting evening, not the run of the mill photos! What two lovely expeditions to have been involved with; you will never forget them. Keith was a fantastic speaker; he had a great story to tell, spoke clearly and had some wonderful images. (Chet Valley Photographic Group, 11th January 2021)

A belated but warm thank you from Wellington for your fascinating talk and superb pictures. Some knew the story of the Erebus and Terror and were gripped by the story and how it related to your trip. The best judge of a good evening is if people are still discussing aspects of it - and that is happening here! (Welliington & District Camera Club, 3rd November 2021)

Out of Africa

On behalf of Wrekin Arts Photographic Club I would like to say thank you very much for your talk tonight.It was very enjoyable, with a lot of information about each of the species. Your images were stunning. It caused a lot of discussion at the end of the evening after you left.Two people have looked up on line as to how much it would cost them to go. Once more our thanks for a very enjoyable evening.