Winter Wonderland and Painting With Light

Exhibitions in Blindcrake
Well my open studio exhibitions in the Art@BLindcrake arts trail have now come to an end.I had two separate rooms showing Winter Wonderland (prints from Yellowstone National Park) and Painting With Light (in-camera manipulations of seascapes from Cumbria and Isle of Harris). The 320+ visitors gave an enthusiastic and positive reception to both exhibitions. In fact I was so overwhelmed by the reception for the impressionistic seascapes that I am considering reorganising my photo website to create a gallery that would showcase these type of image. Much of the "Water" gallery contains these currently but the emphasis on the water theme is secondary to the techniques I use in the impressionist images: namely, in-camera movement and in-camera multi-exposure of images. So that will be my project for the coming weeks ... watch this space. As always the prints will be for sale and I am encouraged by those that sold so well in my exhibition. Many thanks to everyone who came by and gave their opinions on the work on display.