Franklin's Ill-fated Voyage
Great to see one ocean's ship the Vavilov on the Channel 4 documentary on Franklin (Hunt for the Arctic Ghost Ship) the other night. This is the same ship in which I went to Svalbard in June. At the time that it was helping to locate Franklin's wreck in 2014, I was on its sister ship the Ioffe close by in the Canadian Arctic in our very own icebound 'Franklin moment'. We escaped out of the ice but had to be flown out because our sea route was blocked by ice. All brought back in the documentary in which there were many shots of the Vavilov and the surrounding ice. Coincidentally the documentary was being shown just as I've done the last of my talks on the Arctic for this year (Pole to Pole) last week. Photos from the Arctic and Svalbard trips are in the galleries under 'travel'.